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Rainbow Slide

Slope: 13-30 degrees
Number of slides: 2-5
Hardened base: 10 cm
Specifications: 0.29*0.29m
Ramp length: 100-300 meters
(can be customized)
Material: high density polyethylene
Crew: single, double, multi-person


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Email: info@hndeleno.com


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The colorful slide focuses on the two words “slide”. The choice of the venue is also defined based on these two words. The slide is an inertial gameplay from top to bottom, so the venue only needs to have a certain slope. put up. For example: on a deserted hillside, the arrival of colorful slides has brought infinite vitality to it; in addition, open spaces, tunnels, mountain villas, suburban parks, ski resorts, etc. are all good choices.


Advantages: Allowing areas without natural snow to enjoy the fun of skiing, reducing skiing’s dependence on the weather, becoming a ski resort that operates in all seasons, enhancing the brand of the ski resort, and giving full play to the effectiveness and value of existing facilities and equipment in the ski resort. It has a long service life, conforms to the trend of tourism development, has low investment, quick results, and low operating costs.




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