Unpowered Equipment/

Unpowered Pedal Roller Coaster

Height: 2m
Material: steel
Weight: 280kg
Specifications: 2 cars
Occupant: 1 person/car
Coverage area: 4*12 m (can be customized)


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Email: info@hndeleno.com

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The characteristics of the cheating car equipment are parent-child interaction, couple interaction, or family interaction, which should meet the needs of today’s people. The parent-child roller coaster is unpowered and can be placed in amusement parks, especially unpowered venues in scenic areas.


The children’s roller coaster is a small device suitable for venues without power supply. This product is powered by humans. Use the pedals to send the cockpit to a high point. The Internet-famous roller coaster can be played by those aged three and above. Adults need to use pedals to send children into the track to slide.



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