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Bouncing Park

  single ball:13.5m*1.5m
  double balls:19.5m*12.5m*1.5m
  three balls:21.5m*17m*1.5m
  four balls:33.5m*25m*2.2m

Areas range from 100-1000 square meters and can be customized.


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Bouncing Park is a new type of non-powered children’s interactive amusement equipment that has become popular recently. Its appearance is designed in the shape of a cloud, and the overall shape is soothing and smooth. The product adopts the inflatable principle, and its surface is soft and elastic. It is suitable for all ages to play, hence the name “Bengbengyun”.


Since its launch, it has been deeply loved by children. It cultivates children’s interest in sports and releases children’s nature during play. At the same time, it can exercise children’s physical coordination and physical fitness, and promote children’s mental and physical and mental health development.


In the context of the internet celebrity era, this product immediately became the first choice for building internet celebrity projects in major scenic spots, shopping malls, real estate sales departments and other places as soon as it was launched. It creates huge economic benefits in the process of providing people with entertainment.




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