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Carnival Crown Trackless Train

Type: Trackless train
Passenger: 16
Power: 2kw
Voltage: 380V
Material: FRP+Steel
(size,shape and capacity can be customized)
Application: park, playground, shopping mall, theme park, funfair, etc.


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Carnival Crown Trackless Train is a classic trackless amusement equipment, which is equipped with various colorful lights, small size, large costumers traffic, safe and stable for operation, easy disassembly, suitable for mobile flexible operation both indoor and outdoor.

Carnival crown train is a classic project in the amusement equipment. It is loved by children. Lovely crown design and the bright color attract kids’ eyes deeply. It will deeply leave surprise and joy in the hearts of children.

 • There are trackless type and track type available.
 • With stainless safety door, ensure kids’ safety.
 • With Colorful light, very beautiful beautiful.
 • Made of excellent FRP, good corrosion resistance, durable.
 • Painting style can be customized at your needs.
 • Cabins can be added.
 • Track customized service also can be customized.


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